It is a matter of great joy and relief for us that the journey of Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghosia Bhera Sharif started in 1925 is nearing completion of a century, Alhamdulillah. During the journey, Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghousia gave the gift of thousands of scholars to the Muslim Ummah.

Be it national movements or academic field, inter-Muslim unity or highlighting the peaceful identification of Islam at the global level, Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghosia Bhera Sharif will be seen playing a lively role at every level.

Our education system has never been stagnant. Rather, there is scope for changes over time. We do not ignore modern academic reforms, but make full use of them by adapting them according to our academic mood.

A great Religious, Educational and Revolutionary Movement of This Century.

To produce competent schalars who are well versed in basic
Islamic disciplines and capable of guiding the Muslim Ummah
in molding its life in accordance with the teachings of Islam.




These modern reforms were initiated by my father, Honorable Zia ul Ummat, Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari, may God bless him and grant him peace, in 1957. Due to which you will see both ancient and modern colors in our education system.
Solid academic ability, righteous thinking and balanced academic temperament are the characteristics of our scholars. This is the reason why these noble virtues are known as “Ambassadors of Peace”. We are about to enter the new century of Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghousia Bhera Sharif. We are looking at the problems facing the Muslim Ummah and new scientific challenges.
Alhamdulillah, in 2022, Allah Almighty blessed this Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghousia Bhera Sharif with another wing in the form of Al-Karam International Institute Bhera Sharif. Which has flown to serve the nation with its full energies. A law college has also been established under Al-Karam International Institute.God willing, we will try our best to keep alive the brilliant traditions of our past and be able to cope with the new demands of the future.
May Allah always bless us with His immense blessings.

Ameen for the sake of the Prophet ﷺ – Peace be upon youPir Muhammad Amin al-Hasnat Shah (Principal of Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghousia Bhera Sharif)

Chancellor of Al-Karam International Institute Bhera Sharif.

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